Not Everyone Loves Their Cake!

I met Amelia's mama, Jessica, when we worked together at the bookstore I used to work at!.  I'll never forget the day I found out Amelia was headed our way! I walked into the room at work one morning and saw mama a shade of white-ish green I'd never seen before! Immediately i asked, "are you ok?" i expected to hear "i'm just not feeling so well" but instead she blurted out "I'm pregnant!" I'll admit i wasn't prepared to hear it, but HOW EXCITING!  Once we got a some water and crackers in her, we were able to celebrate! 

9-ish months later, we met miss Amelia! She was the absolute cutest and WIDE awake for her newborn session. She wanted to know what was going on in the world! I"m pretty sure one year later, that hasn't changed much!  Literally running around by 9 months!! and taking the world on! 

When it was time to make her One year old portraits, we set up the studio for her portraits and a cake smash.. Cake smashes are my FAVORITE because you literally never know whats going to happen.  I will say, for a one year old, She was certainly the cleanest eater.

Not at all interested in smashing a cake, but DEFIANTLY adorable!

Year two... You totally got this little one!  



Fall Photos with a Two Year Old

Just by reading the title i'm sure you're thinking.. OH NO. But don't you worry...

I've been photographing Chris and Katie since the beginning of their love story and then Ben shortly after! They are always fun, full of love and now with a two year old lots and lots of adventure! 

For this session we took it to the woods, literally. We went on a mission to find a fun new place to make some photos happen (and to keep a little one excited an happy)!! And of course, we couldn't leave Grandma and Jazzy behind! LOVE these guys!! 

When people plan family photos, it's almost always because they want to get photos of the kids. I think it's so important we don't forget about the parents! Mom and dad are JUST as important! How cute are these two? 

I'm excited to see what our next stop on this adventure is! <3

Happy New Year!!

Today's blog is all about Teamy and David.  Dave is originally from Connecticut, Teamy is from Wisconsin, they lived in Texas and got married in Florida. WHOA. Since everyone had to travel anyway, why not pick a beautiful tropical location to celebrate with friends and family? When they reached out to me and said, 

Hi, want to take photographs of us getting married on the white sandy beaches of Florida?"

Why Yes, yes I would.  :}

The wedding took place at the beautiful Tradewinds Hotel in St. Pete beach Florida. It was perfect.  The hotel was so beautiful, the beach was perfect and the staff was amazing. Seriously, go there if you can. You wont be disappointed. 

There are plenty of photos to look at in this blog. When i was scrolling through, I had such a hard time picking my favorites!! I think it's pretty clear how happy these two are! Even though it was a little toasty on the day of there wedding, they are glowing from their love.. not just in the sun!



This was the view from Teamy's room. As everyone was getting ready, we looked outside and this was rolling in.  All you saw was this dark cloud, people running towards the hotel and the hotel employees running out towards the chairs. The wind was nuts, blowing the cushions on the chairs everywhere!  But it all blew over just before we went outside and there wasn't a drop of rain after that! 

KGP (48 of 538).jpg

Brides ask me often, what are your thoughts on doing a first look.  My answer is this. Every couple is different, but for me personally, the first look at my own wedding was one of my favorite parts. Its 5 to 10 minutes in a whole day of crazy that you and your partner get to share together.  It's a beautiful moment of just two people.  -- and the photographer :) 

KGP (15 of 41).jpg
KGP (20 of 41).jpg

We walked around this whole hotel and used up every beautiful setting we found.  

It's all in the details.... 

Thank you Teamy and Dave for letting me be a part of this day with you!! AND.. thank you to Abi of Abi Thibodeau Photography for helping me photograph this wedding!!  Abi and I went to school together and happened to move to Florida just in time!  


 I think this is one of my favorite wedding bloopers... ever

Fields of Sun-flare

One of the beauties of being a photographer is the opportunity of finding new places, whether it’s from our own discovery or being introduced by the people we work with.  Even better than that, is rediscovering an old favorite and seeing it differently with every session that you bring to that location. 

About 15 minutes from my house is the entrance to a state park and it’s BEAUTIFUL.  The grounds keepers (who volunteer their time) take such pride in making sure it is beautiful and full of life and the flowers are always so brilliant.  Although the park itself is not too large, there are so many hidden gems and it is one of my favorite places to photograph.  

It is to this place, that I met Gabby for her senior portraits. Her cool toned natural style and her piercing brown eyes was the perfect fit for the fields full of sun flare and our New England fall. 

There really isn’t a whole lot more I have to say.  

Congratulations!!! LHS 2016

Matchmaker Photographer!!!

To start off this pretty special blog, I just want to get this out there.  

There were moments when help was required from others... BUT the pairing of Greg & Lauren was completely and 100% my idea!  If things hadn't worked out so well though. I would have denied all of this. Luckily for everyone, things went pretty great and..

In all seriousness though, I don't care how they got together, I'm just glad they found each other and are happy!  That is really all that matters right?  

So I think it's pretty safe to assume that I knew these two before their wedding planning!

Also, this is going to be a long one... get some popcorn and your favorite drink! Get comfy! 

  I met Greg in our junior year of high school.   We actually took a photography class together in high school with a DARK ROOM if you can believe that! It is crazy how things have changed! 

When writing this blog I was trying to remember when I first met lauren and honestly, I can't remember! I just remember knowing her. Is that weird?  I know we met through her brother, who happens to be my husband's best friend. It's funny how things work out sometimes! 

And now.. you know who helped me with the matchmaking.. :) 

Fast forward a few years and HERE WE GO! 

The wedding was beautiful and dare I say.. full of surprises? Just wait. 

We started the day at St. Francis Church in Torrington.  It was beautiful. And can I just say.. an old friend of mine was singing through the ceremony from the balcony and i was BLOWN away by her voice. Heather.. If you are reading today's blog. I was speechless! Beautiful job.

We raced off to The Inn at Mount Pleasant for our bride and groom and wedding party portraits. Fall in New England is one thing, but the view we had at the farm was incredible!  A HUGE thank you to the owners for letting us run around and play in the barn!!!  

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 12.21.31 AM.png

Our third and final stop was for the reception. It was held at Farmington Gardens and it was the perfect venue for these two. The staff was SO amazing and super helpful during all the planning and getting us around! Someone found me a ladder at the last minute so I could get up higher to take some photos.. You'll see why in a minute.  :) THANK YOU! 

Once we got to the reception hall things got crazy and NOT in the way you might be thinking... 

Greg & Lauren wanted to surprise EVERYONE including their family with something that would knock their socks off and get the party started.. And boy did they ever get the party started.  

After the parents and bridal party were announced into the room......          the music stopped 

YUP! the THS band kicked MAJOR butt playing and marching in to announce the bride and groom! HOW COOL IS THIS? Let me tell you, if you want to start a party right.. bring the local band. It was AWESOME!!!!

Now the party had officially begun!!!

What I LOVE about these two, other than the fact that they are pretty great people, is that they wanted this day to be special. Not only special for them, but for the people they love the most.

 I can't think of a better way to start a new chapter in your life.  

Didn't those ladies look gorgeous? Hair and Make-up was done by Mirror Mirror

Go Outside & Play In The Rain!!!

Tell You Story - Senior Sessions 


I must say, Heather's senior portrait session was super fun, but in no way was it traditional.  It was on a mountain in the rain. YES. 


I messaged Heather the day of her session.  I saw the forecast was just NOT going to clear up and I wanted to know  if she wanted to reschedule or move this party inside. She said, if I was willing to photograph in the rain, she was more than ready.

Challenge Accepted!

Senior portrait session on a mountain in the rain... Yes we did! 


We met at the top of Mohawk Mountain.  Unfortunately, the fog was so thick at the top that you couldn't see 5 feet in front of you, so we headed down the mountain a bit to see what we could find.


This is what we ended up with ... :)


KGP (13 of 53).jpg

This girl.. she was willing to lay down in the rain because I thought the moss was pretty and it would make her eyes pop. 


But seriously, those eyes....


KGP (21 of 53).jpg

There are so many reasons I love living in New England. The people are wonderful... Heather was no exception!  The land that surrounds us.... and the seasons. Fall has my heart, but of course they all have beauty in their own way.  With "backdrops" like this, HOW CAN YOU GO WRONG? 

This photo session was designed by Heather.  She told me what she was about and we made these images happen. With Heather, an umbrella and a weird plastic bag contraption I wrapped around my camera (it was super classy, DON'T JUDGE ME!) THIS is what her senior self represents and THAT is what portraits are all about.  

Heart. Soul. Personal to YOU. Illustrating YOUR life story. 

Pretty fantastic If you ask me ;) 

Heather -- LHS Class of 2016


Get outside and play in the rain every once in a while... It's totally worth it!