Fields of Sun-flare

One of the beauties of being a photographer is the opportunity of finding new places, whether it’s from our own discovery or being introduced by the people we work with.  Even better than that, is rediscovering an old favorite and seeing it differently with every session that you bring to that location. 

About 15 minutes from my house is the entrance to a state park and it’s BEAUTIFUL.  The grounds keepers (who volunteer their time) take such pride in making sure it is beautiful and full of life and the flowers are always so brilliant.  Although the park itself is not too large, there are so many hidden gems and it is one of my favorite places to photograph.  

It is to this place, that I met Gabby for her senior portraits. Her cool toned natural style and her piercing brown eyes was the perfect fit for the fields full of sun flare and our New England fall. 

There really isn’t a whole lot more I have to say.  

Congratulations!!! LHS 2016