Hiding Behind Trees and Photographing people

Maybe not the best business model when you are a wedding and portrait photographer, but during some photo adventures, it's a MUST!

We are welcoming in the                            NEW YEAR with a LOT of love!!!

Lets get started, Shall We? 



To start the year off right, we wanted to show off a real life fairytale that we had the privilege of being a part of! Well, I was hiding behind a tree the whole time…

BUT you’ll see why soon enough!  (and it was totally worth it!!)

Photo courtesy of my amazing assistant/husband who is also pretty great at hiding behind trees. 

I received an email from Christopher.  He had such a beautiful surprise for his girlfriend Christa.  He wanted to propose and he was going to make it perfect!  

My part in the proposal was to try and photograph the whole thing, while not being seen.  Let me tell you, this is MUCH easier said than done!!  I didn’t have time to cut a hole in any trees to stick my camera in, so we had to get SUPER crafty! 

The day started out with a carriage ride fit for a princess!  The horse drawn carriage rode through the beautiful back woods of Norfolk Connecticut and through the Yale Summer School Of Music campus.  Once at the school, they stopped the ride to “get out and stretch their legs” and thats when the magic happened!  


Christopher got down on one knee..


KGP (11 of 26).jpg

In case you couldn't tell.. SHE SAID YES!!!!

I loved being a part of this day and being able to create these memories for Christpher and Christa! Even though we have never actually met! 

Also, can I just say, I could never be a paparazzi! It's tough work, running into buildings, hiding behind trees, and trying to not be seen!  BUT to the lovely ladies we met when we were hiding in the hair salon, THANK YOU!!!   My husband/assistant/get-away driver really appreciated the candy!!

Photographs bring people together!