Happy New Year!!

Today's blog is all about Teamy and David.  Dave is originally from Connecticut, Teamy is from Wisconsin, they lived in Texas and got married in Florida. WHOA. Since everyone had to travel anyway, why not pick a beautiful tropical location to celebrate with friends and family? When they reached out to me and said, 

Hi, want to take photographs of us getting married on the white sandy beaches of Florida?"

Why Yes, yes I would.  :}

The wedding took place at the beautiful Tradewinds Hotel in St. Pete beach Florida. It was perfect.  The hotel was so beautiful, the beach was perfect and the staff was amazing. Seriously, go there if you can. You wont be disappointed. 

There are plenty of photos to look at in this blog. When i was scrolling through, I had such a hard time picking my favorites!! I think it's pretty clear how happy these two are! Even though it was a little toasty on the day of there wedding, they are glowing from their love.. not just in the sun!



This was the view from Teamy's room. As everyone was getting ready, we looked outside and this was rolling in.  All you saw was this dark cloud, people running towards the hotel and the hotel employees running out towards the chairs. The wind was nuts, blowing the cushions on the chairs everywhere!  But it all blew over just before we went outside and there wasn't a drop of rain after that! 

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Brides ask me often, what are your thoughts on doing a first look.  My answer is this. Every couple is different, but for me personally, the first look at my own wedding was one of my favorite parts. Its 5 to 10 minutes in a whole day of crazy that you and your partner get to share together.  It's a beautiful moment of just two people.  -- and the photographer :) 

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We walked around this whole hotel and used up every beautiful setting we found.  

It's all in the details.... 

Thank you Teamy and Dave for letting me be a part of this day with you!! AND.. thank you to Abi of Abi Thibodeau Photography for helping me photograph this wedding!!  Abi and I went to school together and happened to move to Florida just in time!  


 I think this is one of my favorite wedding bloopers... ever