Fall Photos with a Two Year Old

Just by reading the title i'm sure you're thinking.. OH NO. But don't you worry...

I've been photographing Chris and Katie since the beginning of their love story and then Ben shortly after! They are always fun, full of love and now with a two year old lots and lots of adventure! 

For this session we took it to the woods, literally. We went on a mission to find a fun new place to make some photos happen (and to keep a little one excited an happy)!! And of course, we couldn't leave Grandma and Jazzy behind! LOVE these guys!! 

When people plan family photos, it's almost always because they want to get photos of the kids. I think it's so important we don't forget about the parents! Mom and dad are JUST as important! How cute are these two? 

I'm excited to see what our next stop on this adventure is! <3