My Baby is One!

I love that I get to share about all the wonderful families I get the chance to photograph, but very rarely do I share mine! The last 18 months have been quiet the adventure and as you can imagine, I have a million photos that i've taken along the way.  BUT today, I want to share a little something special!

My son Owen is now 18 months old. I have no Idea how we got to 18 months so fast.  He is full of energy, adventurous and a snuggly sweet  boy. He is the best. He loves mom and dad a ton, but his love for Mickey Mouse is like no other.  

I knew when Owen turned one, I wanted to do a Mickey themed cake smash because, he loves Mickey and it made sense. But, what we ended up doing was far beyond my original idea! 

First, I had to get over the fact that I had a one year old... 


Then, somehow we ended up in Disney World. 

kgp (2 of 14).jpg

I had the whole thing planned out (sorta).  We were going to go to Magic Kingdom first thing so that we wouldn't be in anyone's way.  We went to the park a couple days before and in that trip i looked to see where might be the best spot to get the castle in the background but also be out of the way and out of the sun.  Now we needed a cake to smash!  Where better to get sweets than the bakery on Main Street USA. We ended up with a Mickey Mouse chocolate cupcake and we were READY! In the first picture, Owen had his eye on the prize. Once he saw the cupcake, he was ready.... The rest is history.  

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I didn't get a chance to try the cupcake myself, but from what I gathered, It was delicious. Don't worry, I had my fair share of sweets on this trip. I was in no way neglected :) 

Just before we left for Disney, we found out some exciting news. Owen is going to be a big brother!!!  As i'm writing this, we are about a month away from meeting baby #2.  But we took the opportunity to use our favorite place to announce the exciting news!!!

Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 5.01.15 PM.png