Not Everyone Loves Their Cake!

I met Amelia's mama, Jessica, when we worked together at the bookstore I used to work at!.  I'll never forget the day I found out Amelia was headed our way! I walked into the room at work one morning and saw mama a shade of white-ish green I'd never seen before! Immediately i asked, "are you ok?" i expected to hear "i'm just not feeling so well" but instead she blurted out "I'm pregnant!" I'll admit i wasn't prepared to hear it, but HOW EXCITING!  Once we got a some water and crackers in her, we were able to celebrate! 

9-ish months later, we met miss Amelia! She was the absolute cutest and WIDE awake for her newborn session. She wanted to know what was going on in the world! I"m pretty sure one year later, that hasn't changed much!  Literally running around by 9 months!! and taking the world on! 

When it was time to make her One year old portraits, we set up the studio for her portraits and a cake smash.. Cake smashes are my FAVORITE because you literally never know whats going to happen.  I will say, for a one year old, She was certainly the cleanest eater.

Not at all interested in smashing a cake, but DEFIANTLY adorable!

Year two... You totally got this little one!